The ideal natural whole food for horses.

You want the very best for your horse. Oats are a natural, whole grain that is healthy, easily digestible, and best of all, incredibly tasty! Today’s commercial processed feeds and “bargain” grains can make choosing the perfect diet confusing. It’s no wonder horse owners and trainers have relied on simple, natural oats as part of a balanced equine diet for centuries. 

From whole, to hulled, to crimped, cut, or rolled, there’s a type of oat that is perfect for your horse. No matter what your horse’s dietary needs, help them thrive by including simple, wholesome oats in their daily feed.

Oats are simply the best… naturally. 

A type of oat for every need.

Whole Oats


Oats in their simplest form

Hulled Oats


The most nutritionally rich oat variety

Crimped, Crushed or Rolled Oats

Crimped, Crushed,
or Rolled

Broken hulls improve digestibility